My name is Matthew Weber. I’m 30+ years old from Portland, Michigan. I hold a degree in History from Michigan State University and have worked as a freelance writer since 2013. I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a nerd. I love me some science fiction stories, especially the more modern stuff (don’t shoot me for not liking the classics), and I could spend days trolling fanfiction sites for several of my favorite novels.

I’ll also admit that I’ve never really grown up.  I may be in my 30s now, but I still like the same teen-fiction I grew up with, especially Harry Potter. Maybe that makes me a dirty old man, but who cares. I spend my downtime when I’m not writing, reading fanfiction, playing video games, and watching an obscene number of tech videos on YouTube.

I’ve started this blog for a number of reasons. Mostly, this is for me. I want a place to rant and rave whenever the mood hits me. I also want a place to store my portfolio and my fanfiction stories so that they aren’t tied to a single site. So that’s the plan for mtwb.co.

You can follow me on Twitter where I update semi-regularly.