Coming Home

Title: Coming Home

Rating: high T for some non-explicit sexiness and nudity

Pairing: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger

Summary: Hermione gets a welcome surprise on her Birthday.


Hermione sighed deeply as she stepped out of the floo and into her home. This had to be the absolute worst birthday she’d had in years.

Nothing had gone right all day, and she was just simply fed up with it. She was so ready for the day to be over. It all started with a stubbed toe after she’d gotten out of bed. Then the coffee maker had broken, which had meant that she’d had to settle for tea (which she didn’t enjoy so much in the morning). Even making tea had turned into a fiasco, as she’d been out of her favorite brand of tea. She’d given up on a morning beverage after that and had settled for some toast (which she’d burnt), and then had started getting ready for her day at work.

The runes that controlled the hot and cold water in the shower had apparently eroded, which meant that her shower had been a cold one, and to top it all off she’d found a hole in her favorite blouse.

Happy Birthday, Hermione Granger, she had thought snidely.

Things had not gotten any better once she’d flooed to the ministry for her job. Her boss had yelled at her when she showed up for being late (which never usually happened) and she had to spend the entire day listening to that jackass talking about how better employees could at least deign to show up on time.

Throughout the day, little annoyances kept cropping up. From being out of parchment to having to deal with the most inane people who had complaints about idiotic things, she’d had enough by the time she’d been scheduled to leave.

It was her birthday. Ron had stopped by and wished her a happy day, as did a few of her other friends. They were all going to give her a nice party on the weekend so that more people could attend. She was okay with that.

The worst part of the day wasn’t any of the terrible things that seemed to keep going wrong in her life. No, the worst part was that she missed Harry.

Harry Potter. Best friend, hunk, boyfriend. Her man had been gone for six weeks on a mission with his Auror team, and she missed him desperately. Harry still had at least another two weeks on his mission, which just made the whole situation worse.

Hermione slung her bag onto the sofa the flopped down on the cushions with a groan. She leaned back and closed her eyes, desperate for the day to be over.

“Is that how you treat all your belongings,” a voice asked, causing Hermione’s eyes to shoot open again and dart around the room.

“Harry!” She shrieked, hurling herself up off the couch and into his arms. Hermione buried her head in her boyfriend’s neck and sobbed in relief.

“I’ve got you, pretty girl,” Harry said with a smile.

Eventually, Hermione got herself under control and pulled back, though she didn’t leave Harry’s arms. “What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be gone for another two weeks!”

Harry smiled. “We finished early. Moody and I were able to lead the teams against the last of the Death Eater camp last night. They didn’t even put up that much of a fight.”

“Oh, Harry. I’m so glad you’re home!”

Harry pulled her in for a hug again. “Me too. Me too.”

When she pulled back once more, Harry couldn’t help himself any longer and leaned in to kiss her passionately. He lifted her up, causing her to wrap her legs around his waist, and carried her to her bedroom where he spent the next two hours wishing her a happy birthday.

When they were both spent, Harry leaned up on his elbow and looked down at her. For a moment he just had to smirk smugly at how satisfied she looked. Hermione, of course, noticed his smugness.

“And just what is that look for, Mr. Potter,” she asked seriously.



Harry laughed. “I love you so much, Hermione.” He bent over her and kissed her again, then pulled back. “So what do you want to do for your birthday dinner?”

“Can we just stay in? I don’t know how far from this be I’m going to be able to move — stop looking so smug, mister – and I don’t feel like getting dressed. So maybe Chinese or Italian?”

“Of course. I’ll go order and you can just stay here,” Harry said with a smirk. Hermione found enough energy to smack his arse as he left the bed.

Hermione smiled. She loved him so much. She knew that they were heading towards marriage, though they had agreed to wait until they were both set in their careers.

Harry slipped back into the bedroom and grabbed his boxers and put them on. He then picked up his shirt and threw that on. He smiled when Hermione pouted at him. “Oh, stop that you greedy girl. Let’s get some food then I can give you your present.”

A half hour later they both sat at the dining room table eating Italian. Harry graciously let Hermione have the last breadstick, after all, it was her birthday.

“So,” Hermione began, “what’s my present?”

Harry smiled and reached in his pocket then stood up. He walked around the table, then knelt in front of his girlfriend of more than four years. “I know we talked about this, and that we said we’d wait. But I really don’t want to wait anymore. I love you, Hermione, with everything I am.” Harry opened the box that he pulled out of his pocket and showed her the ring inside. Hermione gasped and put her hand over her mouth. She fought tears as she looked down at the most perfect ring ever. “Hermione Jane Granger. Will you marry me?”

Hermione tackled him to the ground and sobbed into his chest. “Yes! Yes!”

Harry smiled and then whispered into her ear, “Happy Birthday, pretty girl. Happy Birthday.”

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