I Swear It

Pairing: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger

Tags: Romance, Dark!Harry, Dark!Hermione, AU, 1,000 Word Challenge, Dom/Sub, character death, mentions of miscarriages and lost babies, mentions of violence and torture

Word Count: 1,021

Rating: M for Violence

Summary: Instead of a man of peace and love, I have become a man of violence and revenge. – Hiawatha

Author’s Note: This is another one shot. There will be more in this universe eventually if people like it. If that’s something you want after reading, leave a comment below! Edit: I’ve made some edits here to make way for a sequel that I’m writing for Rough Trade.


The woman knelt at her master’s feet, waiting for him to make his decision. Normally, she wouldn’t even be fazed at her current position, after all, she knew that it was at his feet that she served. She always had, and she always would. But this time, she was nervous. The information she’d gathered had the potential to change her master’s plans drastically, and he almost always reacted negatively to his plans being disrupted. Those times were never pleasant for any of their Lord’s followers, even her, who had followed him for so much longer than any of the others.

“And you know this for sure, ‘Mione?” her Lord asked.

“I do, master,” Hermione responded, looking him in the eye. “I heard it from Nott himself. He was talking to one of his undersecretaries, and forgot to raise a privacy shield.”

Her master was silent for several moments before he smiled widely. The smile was wicked and had nothing of the warmth and humour she remembered from her youth. If she hadn’t known why he was the way he was, Hermione would have been frightened of the man in front of her. But she knew.

After defeating Voldemort in 1998, the wizarding world turned on their saviour almost overnight. Led around like simpletons by the Malfoys and their ilk, the Ministry of Magic quickly resumed service as normal, namely persecuting those of ‘lesser’ blood. Their first step was to start to defame Harry Potter and his friends, which had been unsurprisingly easy given how sheep-like the majority of magicals were.

By 2001, the Ministry had taken everything from Harry. His vaults at Gringotts had been seized and he’d been banished from the wizarding world. Hermione, who had just gotten out of an abusive relationship with Ronald Weasley, followed Harry out of the country about a year later. Also, Ronald Weasley was an arsehole and she desperately wanted to get away from him. It took Hermione a while to find Harry, but eventually, she did.

The ministry led around by the Malfoys, wasn’t finished with them, however. They had learned that Harry had taken much of the Black fortune out of Gringotts before his vaults had been taken away. Being greedy little fuckers, they hunted him down to get the money. During the ensuing fight, Harry had killed ten Aurors in self-defense, but not before one of the men had hit Hermione with a curse that had cost her and Harry everything.

By that time they had been together for two years. Hermione had finally admitted to herself that Harry was the love of her life. When the Ministry forces attacked, she had been two months pregnant with their first child. The curse had caused her to lose the baby and made her unable to conceive again.

That had been the last straw for both of them. Harry had immediately apparated back to Britain and raided Dumbledore’s tomb to retrieve the Elder Wand. He also summoned the Resurrection Stone from the Forbidden Forest.

The Master of Death was pissed off. Hermione, who was severely depressed at the time, didn’t and wouldn’t do anything to stop him. Harry murdered Narcissa and Draco Malfoy, but Lucius had gotten away from him. Harry disposed of the two tortured bodies in the most expedient method possible: burning Malfoy Manor to the ground using Fiendfyre.

But it wasn’t enough. It would have never been enough. Harry had come back to her then and told her what he had done and what he wanted to do. Hermione could remember his exact words:

I don’t want to rule the world, Hermione, but I can not let these people get away with what they’ve done to us. If they want a war? Then so be it. I’ll give them a war.”

The loss of her child changed Hermione in ways that she didn’t understand at the time. Instead of worrying about the morality of what Harry had done and what he wanted to do, she helped him instead.

Harry became the only thing in her world that mattered, and she devoted herself to his cause. He became her lord, and she swore that she would follow him to the end of the Earth, just as she always had. Hermione recruited other muggleborn who had been persecuted by the Ministry and ensured their loyalty with a bastardization of Voldemort’s own Dark Mark. She had murdered and tortured and had gloried in the pain and fear that she had caused the people who had cost her so much. Hermione always enjoyed hearing idiots compare her to Bellatrix Lestrange because the truth was Bellatrix had nothing on her.

“Well,” Lord Harry Potter said snidely. “I guess it’s time to go fishing then, eh? Stand up, Hermione. We’re going to have some fun tonight.”

Hermione got up from her kneeling position, smirking at Harry who gazed at her lovingly. She knew that he enjoyed her kneeling in front of him just as much as she enjoyed doing it. They played their game in public and private, neither one of them giving a fuck about what others thought of them. The time for that had long since past.

“What is your plan, my Lord,” She asked.

“We don’t need anyone else for this. Lucius is ours, and we shouldn’t have to entertain the rest of my followers. So go get into some fighting robes and lets you and I have some fun. Lucy’s time has finally run out.”

Hermione giggled madly and wrapped her lord, master, and husband in a tight hug. She released him quickly and rushed towards their rooms to get her combat robes on. Lucius and Nott were the last two purebloods on their list. The elder Malfoy had proved to be very slippery over the last five years. But no more.

The end was coming. Hermione could feel it in her bones. Her Harry would make sure of it. He had promised her.

I promise, love. They will pay for what they did. All of them. I swear it.”


This is a part of a series of 1000 word challenges that I will be posting. If you have a prompt for a story that you think can be written in 1000 words or less and you’d like me to write it, leave it below in the comments! And don’t forget to review!

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I don’t normally read any Dark fics but I really enjoyed this one, the characterization of both Harry and Hermione were very interesting, and I think that the wizarding world turning on Harry is such as interesting concept.


I’m surprised but I like it. Thanks


Loved this. I’m really looking forward to your April 2019 RT. *sweet smile*