Take My Heart With You

Pairing: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger

Tags: mentions of smut, angst, lyric llama, songfic

Summary: Every time she left, she took just a little bit more of him with her. Based on the song “Hell on the Heart” by Eric Church, specifically the lines: Yeah she’s good when she’s bad, She’s cute when she’s mad, And she does all the wrong things right”

Author’s note: This is NOT, like really not, what I should be writing right now. Written for this month’s Lyric Llama (HEY llama!!) on Harmony & Co.


Harry flopped down beside his lover, breathing hard. That had been fantastic, as it always was. They’d been going at it for hours now, but he knew his time was short. Harry rolled over on his side and wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer.

“Stay…” He whispered into her ear.

He felt her shake her head, but she didn’t say anything. She never said anything. That was one of her biggest problems.

Harry was in love with Hermione Granger. He had been since he was 14 years old. With the war and everything that went with it, he couldn’t tell her, so he had buried it. Even after the war, they were just too busy and Harry didn’t think there was any chance at all of Hermione ever returning his feelings, so he had kept silent.

Then they had gotten drunk one night and fallen into bed together. It was soul-rending. Soul shattering, really.

Then she had broken his heart for the first time. She’d told him that it was a mistake and that they should go back to being friends. Harry couldn’t afford to lose her as a friend, so as much as it had hurt, he had agreed to set it aside and go back to how it had been before. And he had tried. But it was impossible to forget how she writhed above him as she rode him to completion or the little sounds she made when he buried his face in between her thighs. Every time he looked at her after that night he could picture how it felt to be buried inside her, and it showed on his face.

Hermione had eventually called him out on it. She had been so mad at him.

Harry you have to forget it! It was a mistake and it will never be repeated. Our relationship is just too complicated for anything more than friends. So get over it! And stop looking at me like you know what I look like naked!”

She was so cute when she was mad, but Harry didn’t think it would be a good idea to tell her that. So he had tried to be normal.

And he had succeeded for a few hours. Later that night, they ended up in bed again. It was just as good, if not better than it had been the first time.

It had apparently been a mistake that time as well.

That was when it really started. Harry had decided that if she Hermione really wasn’t going to consider ‘more’ with him, then they couldn’t have sex again. It would be hard because the woman sure knew how to do all the wrong things right, but he would do it. For their friendship and for his battered and bruised heart.

But the very next night, she slipped into his bed after he had gone to sleep and fucked him senseless. And the night after that, and the night after that. For two months now, they’d been shagging as if their very lives depended on it, but she said nothing. Every night he would ask her to stay. Every night she would shake her head, get out of his bed, put her clothes on and leave Grimmauld Place. Every night she came back for more and left with a little bit more of his heart.

So when Hermione shook her head once more, Harry just sighed. She would say nothing and they would continue on with this arrangement until she got bored of it and then she would move on. Harry? He didn’t think that he’d ever move on. He loved her and he always would. If only he could get her to see that.

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Chris Goodluck
Chris Goodluck

Argh, the sexy frustration. Just say the damn words, Harry. Be a man. Very very good.

Coffee Reveries
Coffee Reveries

Very sexy and very frustrating for our Harry… Hermione can be really dense and infuriating sometimes, but I’m sure that if Harry ever put a definite stop to it she’d miss him like hell and come back running.

A splendid short read!