Watching Her

Pairing: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger

Summary: Written for Harmony & Co’s Lyric Llama event. Based on this line – “And I wish she’d take the night off, So I don’t have to fight off, Every asshole coming on to her.” Next Contestant by Nickelback

Tags: Jealousy, Rage, OOCness, Muggle AU, Romance, no beta


It was always the absolute worst feeling in the world. He watches her, even when she doesn’t know it, and the fury that boils in his gut as he watches her threatens to boil over. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Harry Potter had been dating Hermione Granger for six years, since their junior year in High School. Given that they both had terrible home situations, they had immediately struck out on their own after graduation and being young and in love, had chosen to live together.

He was going to marry her someday. Someday soon.

But they were broke, and both of them were struggling to put themselves through college, which meant that they had jobs. Frankly, Harry couldn’t even bear to be separated from her, so when she got a job waitressing at a local pub, he had decided to apply for a bartender spot. It had sounded like a great idea at the time.

But each and every night, he had to watch her interacting with other men. And it pissed him off.

Oh, he wasn’t angry at her. Hermione was the most loyal person he knew, and she would never cheat on him. He had absolute confidence in her fidelity. But those men…

Those men who had the sheer audacity to look at her in her tight jeans. Those men who got the courage to put a hand on her. Those men who thought that they could get into her pants simply by being arrogant fools. Those men pissed Harry off and made him see red. Many times he would have to refrain from throwing a bottle of liquor at one of the assholes who had the balls to talk to her like they had a chance.

Hermione thought that his jealousy was cute. When they got to their small one-room flat and settled onto their air mattress for the night, she would giggle at him and then prove to him over and over again that she was his and he was hers.

That didn’t stop him from being angry every time those men were around her. It got worse as the days and months passed simply because she kept getting more and more beautiful. Harry took to actually saying things to the men who came on to her.

“Excuse me, is that your hand on my girlfriend,” he would ask in a deadly voice. “I’d thank you to keep your hands to yourself.”

That usually worked. When it didn’t, he’d escort the asshole out of the pub and make sure that he didn’t come back. No one touched Hermione.

He really wished that she’d take more nights off. This constant fury wasn’t good for him. They needed the money, but if he had to fight off another asshole who couldn’t keep his hands to himself, he was going to lose it.

And of course, she kept thinking it was cute.

Harry used his rag to clean a glass as he watched her sashay from table to table. He could tell that she liked the attention. Harry knew that she had always considered herself plain, so the attention from all these guys made her feel more confident and desirable. She also played it up a bit with an extra sway to her hips simply because she knew he was watching and knew how much it infuriated him to know that there were other men’s eyes gazing at her delectable ass.

He watched as the next contestant approached. The way the man’s hand possessively appeared on the small of her back and the way he leaned as far into her personal space as he could without tipping over the tray she carried expertly on one hand.

Harry growled as the man’s hand moved farther south, nearing the top of her jeans. Tonight she wore what she almost always wore. Tight fitting blue jeans that sculpted to her ass like they were made for her. A snug fitting white t-shirt with a scoop top that showed just enough cleavage to be enticing without showing too much. Her hair, never to be completely tamed, was in a ponytail with several strands having already escaped to flow down the sides of her face. It was simple and so Hermione and it seemed to drive every man in the room out of his mind.

When the man’s hand reached his girlfriend’s ass, Harry moved from around the bar and stalked towards them. He wrenched the man’s hand away, causing the man to wince in pain. “Excuse me, friend, but is that your hand on my girlfriend’s bum? I’d thank you to keep your hands to yourself. Now order your drink and then go back to your table.”

The man nodded quickly, obviously scared out his mind. He whispered something about a beer and then rushed away, his tail between his legs. Hermione just looked at Harry and gave him a sultry smile before moving on to the next table.

Harry shook his head and made his way back behind the bar. He knew there would be another. There was always another. One right after the other would approach her, ask her to dance or buy her a drink, and they would always think that they’d be able to sway her with sweet words or possessive touches.

Didn’t they know that that was never going to work?

Hermione was his just as surely as he was hers. That didn’t stop Harry from making those assholes pay for putting their dirty hands on his woman. It never would.


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Chris Goodluck
Chris Goodluck

Nice. They’re lucky it’s muggle AU. Magical Harry would do a lot worse than some mild discomfort in the wrist. Brilliant execution.