Hard Choices Part Four – Six

This is an ongoing thread of my MiniFic series Hard Choices that was originally posted on Harmony & Co. Feel free to leave a comment below or on the group where this is still posted every Monday.

Part Four

They had been annoyingly silent. In fact, Neville had fled back to his flat and Harry still wasn’t talking, no matter how much she pestered him. All they had said was ‘nothing,’ and then had clammed up.

It was seriously annoying. Even kissing Harry didn’t work. Normally she could get anything out of him with just a swipe of her tongue, but apparently not this time.

“Harry, will you just tell me? Merlin, it can’t be that bad!”

Harry gazed at her, then asked after gathering his courage, “Did you like kissing Neville?”

Hermione stared at him in shock. “You know?”

Part Five

She could feel the tears running down her cheeks. She just knew that this was going to be bad. She had cheated on Harry. She hadn’t meant to, but she had. Now she just knew that he was going to end everything.

“Yeah, I know about it. Hermione, don’t…don’t cry. It’s okay,” Harry soothed, stepping forward and taking her into his arms.

Hermione pushed herself away and stared at him through watery eyes. “How can it be okay? I cheated on you. Fell in love with another man. How can you be okay with that.”

“Well for one, I’m in love with him too.”

Part Six

Hermione stared at him in shock. Harry could understand her reaction. It was pretty shocking for him too. He’d never really considered that he might be bi until he had caught himself staring at Draco Malfoy’s arse one too many times during their final year at Hogwarts. He had ignored his desires for a long time simply because he was madly in love with Hermione.

Then Neville had come to him and confessed that he had feelings for Hermione. That had led to a frank discussion and more revelations, and a steamy kiss that still brought him to his knees. They’d not gone farther simply because Harry wouldn’t cheat on Hermione.

“You’re what?” Hermione stammered.

Part Seven-The End (when it is finished)

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