Hard Choices Parts One – Three

This is an ongoing thread of my MiniFic series Hard Choices that was originally posted on Harmony & Co. Feel free to leave a comment below or on the group where this is still posted every Monday.

Part One

Hermione hadn’t planned to fall in love with two men. It was odd to find herself in such a situation after avoiding romantic drama throughout much of Hogwarts.

Harry had been first. She’d loved him since she was twelve years old. So she had been giddy when he’d kissed her after Voldemort fell.

Neville had been a complete surprise. They’d begun working together at St. Mungo’s and had grown really close. When he’d kissed her, she had wanted it to never end, but she’d had to pull away.

She loved both. At times, she wondered if she would end up with either.

Part Two

“So, Neville, what are you smirking about?” Harry asked his best mate.

“I finally did it, Harry.”

“Well, that would explain why she’s been avoiding me for the last few days. We really shouldn’t have played this prank on her, Neville. Besides, what if she doesn’t even want both of us?”

“Don’t be crazy, Harry. She’s in love with you, and that won’t change just because she’s developed feelings for me. If she didn’t feel that way about you, she wouldn’t be feeling guilty right now.”

“So when are we going to tell her?” Harry asked.

“Tell me what?” A voice from behind them asked.

Part Three

“No, really, tell me what? Why do you two look like you’re hiding something.” Hermione was nervous. For whatever reason, the two men she was in love with, were in the same room and were apparently plotting something.

She hadn’t told Harry about the kiss she’d shared with Neville yet since she didn’t know how to do so without hurting Harry. She couldn’t hurt him. How do you explain to the love of your life that you also love another man?

She didn’t know.

Harry and Neville looked at each other, both supremely worried.

Part Four-Six

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