A Personal Blog Finally!

For years, the only personal blogging I’ve done, has been on Tumblr. But I’m kind of sick of porn. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a dude who likes his porno, but Tumblr is getting ridiculous.

So, I got me a fancy domain name, installed WordPress, and here I am. Bam!

I’m going to put a lot of stuff here. Stuff regarding my freelance portfolio including writing and design. I’m going to share my thoughts with my vast audience (laughable as I’m sure no one is reading this right now), and make this a place for some fanfiction that isn’t tied down to my FF.net profile.

This is for sure a work in progress. How often I blog will depend on how often I have something to say. Most likely, the rest of the site will build up faster in terms of content than the blog itself.

So there it is, my personal blog’s first entry.

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