Light in the Darkness

Author: The Muse of Apollo
Pairing: Harry Potter/Daphne GreengrassRating: T
Warnings: Mentions of Major Character Deaths, PTSD
Summary: Music brings together two lost souls who lost everything. Can they find light in each other’s darkness? Written for the Slytherin Cabal’s 1k in 1 Week Challenge

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Take My Heart With You

Pairing: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger

Tags: mentions of smut, angst, lyric llama, song fic

Summary: Every time she left, she took just a little bit more of him with her. Based on the song “Hell on the Heart” by Eric Church, specifically the lines: “Yeah she’s good when she’s bad, She’s cute when she’s mad, And she does all the wrong things right”

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Doggie Gone Bad

Pairing: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger/Padma Patil
Tags: mentions of smut, swearing and language, 1000 word challenge, Threesome Thursdays
Summary: Harry has two beautiful wives, and he’s going to get really lucky tonight. Well. Maybe. if the damn dog will let him. Sequel to Why Harry Should Never Get Drunk With Draco.

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The Pain of Not Knowing

Pairing: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger
Rating: T
Warnings: 1000 word prompt challenge, angst
Word Count: 1,001
Summary: This is based off my own prompt in the prompt bank a few months back: “Hermione at home worrying about Harry who is late coming home after an Auror mission.”

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