Really Disappointed in iOS 11

Apple announced iOS 11 today, and I was really looking forward to it. I also knew going in that I would likely be disappointing. I’m always disappointed in Apple these last few days. I think it goes back to always having my expectations exceeded when Jobs was around.

I wanted two things today. Redesigned notifications, because the ones that are there now are fugly, and aren’t all that functional. If I dismiss a notification, I have no way of remembering it is still there without pulling down the notification shade. The notifications are also still sorted by date instead of app. There is also no way to dismiss all notifications, so I have to struggle to dismiss each days notifications.

I also wanted some new design. Something different than what they’ve had for 10 years. IOS is just so stale in terms of design. Maybe that’s just me. But just some new features that are design oriented would be well loved by me.

The iPad stuff looks great though, and I’m definitely replacing my original gen iPad mini with the new iPad Pro. The new dock and the files app looks great. I wish it was available for the iPhone. With all of these updates for iPad, my iPhone seems like a second class citizen. It feels left out of the innovation. #sadiPhone.

The notifications really has me down. I was so wanting something new. But alas, nothing. Thank you Apple. I miss Android.


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