The Fate of NCIS

I admit that I stopped watching NCIS after Cote de Pablo left. The showrunner’s ability to drive away lead female characters is pretty astonishing, but that isn’t the point of this post. Nay, I want to talk about the show right now.

I got curious about what’s going on now after Michael Weatherly left. He really was the heart of the show, because Mark Harmon is too cookie-cutter. Everything he does on that show is exactly the same every single episode. He has no real personality, and they’ve not taken much opportunity to give us a backstory beyond just tidbits here and there (not that it was any different for any of the other main characters).

DiNozzo made the show have personality, gave each episode a flare that encouraged watchers to see each episode as different. Without him, each episode is even more the same than the last.

So, as I said, I got curious about how the new team members were working out together. Goodness, it was awful.  Now, I admit I only watched three episodes, and I don’t have any backstory whatsoever about the new characters, but they have no chemistry together, and no single character can bring them together like DiNozzo did.

Instead of having a background storyline about the characters themselves, which the showrunners did a good job of milking for 11 seasons, they have nothing, because every single character now feels disposable. Who cares about Bishop’s background when it’s unlikely that she’ll stay for any significant amount of time? Who cares about whats-her-face when she won’t be around after this season (whats-her-face is played by Jennifer Esposito, I think)? Seriously, how is this show still on the air? How does it still draw in the ratings that it does?

It doesn’t make any sense to me. I watch shows, even procedurals like NCIS, for the characters and the character development. That was why Castle and Bones were so good, because the characters didn’t take a back-seat to the main point of the show, and characters stuck around, which is important for every show if you want to care about what happens to the characters.

I’m glad I don’t watch the show any longer. The two or three episodes I caught were so boring. I just didn’t care about the outcome, because 1) it was predictable as every show’s case is pretty much the same 2) the characters couldn’t act together at all, and 3) I didn’t care about the characters anymore, even the long-standing veterans of the show.

Some of this might just be me. After the end of season 7 of Castle, I lost my interest in TV for the most part. I haven’t watched anything new at all, and that is on me. I think after the drama that was Castle season 8, I lost interest in becoming attached to another show. So, I live in fanfiction, where shows never die. I can maintain my illusion that Castle is still on the air, and Ziva isn’t dead, and Booth and Bones are still fighting crime.

I doubt, however, that even if I get back into TV, that I’ll ever give NCIS another chance.

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