NaNoWriMo Outlining: Day One

So today was my first day of outlining for my 2017 NaNoWriMo project, tentatively titled Project Awesome.

My first task was to decide on my topic. My choices were between a post-Hogwarts fic, and a pre-Hogwarts soul bond fic inspired by Keira Marcos, who writes some amazing fiction (if you can stomach slash at all). I love her stuff, though she writes on her own sites, which don’t permanently store her stuff, which means stories that I want to re-read are often deleted. But I digress.

I’ve chosen to do the soul-bond fic for several reasons. First, I’m feeling more inspired by that topic at the moment (pray that it lasts through November), and second I’m not as sure about where the post-Hogwarts one will go.

My next step is to figure out a basic plot for the story, which I’ve started. The beginning will feature Sirius proving his innocence, and taking custody of Harry. My goal is to explore the Wizarding World quite a bit in this story, something the JKR almost totally ignores in canon. Radaslab on FFnet does a great job of this, though his stuff is not very consistent (in that he tends to make his world bigger and bigger as the story goes on). With that in mind, I’m also going to be mapping out the way I want the magical world to be organized and structured.

So far, my thinking is this:

  • The wizarding world is more than just Diagon Alley. Instead, there are shopping districts galore, residential districts, businesses outside of shops like law offices, potion breweries, and others. Sirius and Harry will be living in one of these residential districts.
  • I am going to utilize the fandom cliche of Most Noble and Ancient Houses. I know it’s a tired trope, but it’s a good one. One thing I will not do is make Harry the Lord of nine houses just so he gets to have multiple wives. I love reading those things, but they are not very realistic, even from a magical/fantasy perspective.
  • In terms of wealth, I’m going to make Harry obscenely wealthy. It makes no sense to have an Ancient house like the Potters to be poor. That’d take away the Weasley’s only defining characteristic. I have yet to decide how Harry’s money will play into the story, but I expect that it won’t that much. We’ll know he’s rich, but he’s Harry, he’s not going to flaunt it.
  • The pairing is one that I’ve struggled with. Normally soul bond fics are limited to a single couple. There are very few out there that do a multiple soul bond story well (in fact, I only know of two). Harry and Hermione being together is a given, that’s my OTP and will be until the day I die. But I’m thinking of adding a third. If I do it will either be Luna or Tonks. I think Tonks will add a nice dimension to a soul bond, and we don’t get to see a soul bond with her in it very often (I think I’ve only ever seen one, and it wasn’t finished).

So that’s where I’m at after one day of planning. I don’t think I’ll write a blog post after every day, but expect to see me do this often. Not only does this get me thinking a bit more, but it should motivate me to actually continue to outline.

Until next time.

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